Philosophy Camaleoni

When Eduardo Vives, founder of Camaleoni, created the brand, he did it from the conviction that in the world of jewelery something more versatility, eclecticism and adventure was needed.

Values ​​that are not easy to transmit in a jewel and that "only those pieces that treasure them in an intrinsic way, are capable of reflecting them", he confesses. These jewels are not easy to find. It is necessary to venture to reach them.

Eduardo, traveler and vocational adventurer, set out to live a new challenge with Camaleoni. An adventure that has led him to know the diversity of lands and cultures - frica and the Middle East are some of his most present references -, with which he has added unique and unique experiences and learnings, such as his jewels.

The Camaleoni jewels are born to endow the woman with a wild, sensual, mysterious and versatile beauty,, to turn her into a chameleon woman, since there is something in her that always has been.

Why change jewelry day and night, being able to give them that personal touch when you think it is appropriate? The Camaleoni woman is first of all free, and like her founder, sshe ventures to believe again in something: : in hers